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Awesome Voice-Controlled Quad Drone

Posted on 18 June 2016 in Drone & Quadcopter Manufacturers

This is a fun and affordable hobby drone that you can control with voice commands! This small vehicle from Quadrone is able to do tricks and includes an on-board camera, too!

Pick up this stable and easy-to-control drone that's perfect for gadget nuts and those interested in getting started with hobby drones.

Perform 360 degree rolls with this crash-guard-protected quadcopter. Speak commands into the included headset, attached to the remote control, to tell your drone in which direction you want it to fly. The remote unit is fully functional in case you want to hone your hand-held skills instead.

This drone kit includes accessories like extra props, rechargeable battery, crash guards, and more.

Have You Heard About Lily?

Posted on 9 June 2015 in Camera Drones
It seems like everyone is talking about Lily, a personal camera drone currently in development. You can pre-order a Lily "selfie drone" for just around $500. The full retail price will be $1000, so act soon... More