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Backpacks & Gear Bags for DJI Drones

Posted on 1 September 2015 in Drone Accessories

Keep your investment safe and sound with a padded backpack or gear bag made specifically for DJI Phantom quadcopters. Your pro DJI drone will travel without incident when you've got a bag made for safe travel and storage. Check out this selection of cases made just for DJI drones.

1Weather Proof Light Case for DJI Phantom

This case from Koozam fits all DJI Phatom model drones. The case is weather resistant to keep your drone safe in all kinds of conditions. The large case has space to carry 4 extra batteries (plus the onboard battery), your transmitter, and tablet computer. There are extra pockets for storing accessories like extra props, smartphone, beverage, and more.

2DJI Hard Shell Case for Phantom Series Drones

This DJI branded hard shell case offers excellent protection for your Phantom model drone quadcopter. The water-resistant case will hold your drone, controller, 3 extra batteries plus battery charger, and extra props.

3Manfrotto Backpack for Phantom Drone Quads

This is a high quality pack from Manfrotto, a top brand in camera case technology for decades. This case comes with dividers that allow users to customize how gear is stored in the bag. There's space for your drone and accessories too. This case comes with a fold-out protector to help keep the pack dry in case of rain or snow.

4Stylish & Sleek Backpack for DJI Phantom Drones

Check out this case with a trendy look and all business inside. Keep your Phantom drone safe inside this lightweight backpack. Your gear fits inside divided compartments with security straps to keep everything in place. Adjust the dividers to customize your carrying preference.

5DJI Brand Phantom Quadcopter Gear Backpack

Here is another padded backpack for safely carrying your DJI Phantom drone. Store your drone and extra gear with space left over for accessories. You'll get a rain cover to protect the bag from inclement weather.

6DJI Phantom Drone Backpack from Think Tank

This gear bag holds your drone and accessories secure for travel and storage. Carry extra props, tools, camera gear and more alongside your drone, controller, and extra batteries. There's outer pockets for carrying your smartphone, a beverage, and more. Carry at your side like a case or use the backpack straps and belt to carry your drone and gear on your back.

7Hard Back Case for DJI Phantom Drone Quads

This case has a hard back for extra protection of your precious gear. The foam inserts are cut perfectly to insure a snug fit for your drone and accessories.

8Phantom Quadcopter Drone Backpack from SUNYEE

This gear bag comes with a precise foam insert to keep your drone and associated gear secure in the main compartment. This is an affordable case that will keep your gear safe for travel and storage.