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Drone Entrepreneurship Business Idea Book

Posted on 30 January 2016 in Books

Use this useful book to explore drone-based business ideas. Turn your hobby into a career with a commerical drone business -- let this book be your guide!

This is a great 152-page paperback book for drone enthusiasts who want to take their hobby to the next level.

Commerical photography, environmental monitoring, mapping, and advertising are just a few of the topic areas explored in this book, which features a total of 30 Businesses You Can Start.

The book is featured here in paperback; a Kindle version is also available.

Parrot Bebop Flies in Congress

Posted on 26 January 2015 in Parrot
A drone flew in Congress last week. During a hearing of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee on January 21st, an executive from 3D Robotics flew a small quadcopter during his testimony. ... More

Build Your Own Quadcopter DIY Book

Posted on 27 August 2016 in Books
Take your hobby to the next level with this amazing tutorial book that guides you through making your very own quadcopter drone. This is great for RC enthusiasts, budding engineers and electricians, and anyone that likes... More

Affordable Pocket-Size Mini Quad Drone

Posted on 27 February 2016 in Cheerson
You won't believe how small this little drone quad vehicle is! The tiny remote control quad fits snugly inside the transmitter unit -- and together you can put them in your pocket! ... More