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Lightweight & Tough Beginner Quadcopter: WLtoys V262

Posted on 25 February 2015 in Drone & Quadcopter Manufacturers

Quadcopter drone model V262 from WLtoys is a great entry-level drone. The lightweight unit is designed with extra protection for the blades and motors, making your inevitble beginner's crashes just little bumps in the road.

This unit is completley ready to fly (RTF) -- meaning you have almost everything you need to fly your drone right in the kit box. Provide your own set of 6 AA batteries and you'll be ready to go.

The kit comes with the lightweight quad copter itself, the remote controller transmitter, a battery for the quad, and a charger for the quad battery. The V262 battery provides 8-10 minutes of flying time per full charge.

Another advantage this drone has over other units is its size. At just over 21 inches wide and deep, this is larger than many other entry-level mini drones. The unit is easier to see in flight and controlling it in light winds isn't much of an issue when compared to the popular smaller units.

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