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Neat Helicopter Drone Hybrid RC Vehicle

Posted on 27 November 2019 in Syma

This is a neat quadcopter drone with a unique helicopter-like shape. The vehicle from SYMA is a fun and affordable quadcopter for newbies and experienced pilots alike.

This uniquely shaped drone comes with the features you'd expect from a SYMA drone. You'll get flight controls like a built-in gyro for stability and ability to steer up, down, left, right, and forwards and backwards. With its unique shape you'll always be able to tell which way your drone is facing, helping with flight control.

With this purchase, you'll receive the quadcopter drone, RC unit, landing pad and carry bag, charging cable, and more. Fly your drone for up to 7 minutes on each ~1 hour charge.

Parrot Bebop Flies in Congress

Posted on 26 January 2015 in Parrot
A drone flew in Congress last week. During a hearing of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee on January 21st, an executive from 3D Robotics flew a small quadcopter during his testimony. ... More

Affordable Pocket-Size Mini Quad Drone

Posted on 27 February 2016 in Cheerson
You won't believe how small this little drone quad vehicle is! The tiny remote control quad fits snugly inside the transmitter unit -- and together you can put them in your pocket! ... More