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Real-Time HD Video Camera for MJX X600

Posted on 7 May 2016 in Camera Mounts

Turn your MJX X600 quadcopter into a camera drone with this affordable WIFI-equipped real-time video on-board camera. Mount the camera to your drone and view live images via your phone.

The C4008 camera is the perfect accessory for taking your MJX X600 quadcopter to the next level. Mount the camera to the bottom of your quad and get ready to take high definition photos and 720p video right from the drone.

The camera comes with a universal mount so you can secure your smartphone to your remote control for real-time video viewing as you fly your drone.

Both the camera and the smartphone mount are easy to install with the included hardware, wires, and instructions.

Drone Pilot Sunshield For Tablets

Posted on 20 June 2018 in Drone Accessories
This is a great item for pilots who use real-time video on a small tablet while flying drones. This tablet monitor sunshade from Powerextra holds most tablets measuring 8" or smaller and can be used with... More