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Replacement Parts for CX-14

The CX-14 Mini RC Quad is one of the most popular and affordable micro copters available to quad enthusiasts. While you're getting your bearings with this entry-level remote control flying quadcopter, you might experience a few bumps along the way. Having replacement parts available before you need them will insure the fun never stops.

Replacement propeller blades come in handy when the on-board props break or, more likely, disappear during a hard landing or crash. Pick up some spares with the 16-piece propeller kit.

CX-14 propeller guards do their best to keep your quad working during mishaps. Keep spare guards on hand in case you need them.

Crash Packs for Popular Drones

Posted on 28 January 2017 in Drone Accessories
If you've got a remote control drone, you're going to crash it. It's a fact of life for even the most experienced pilots. Consumer grade drone quadcopters often come packaged with extra props, guards, spare batteries,... More