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Stable, Strong, Affordable, Easy: Six Motor Hexacopter

Posted on 19 May 2015 in RC Aerial Vehicles

Not all modern remote hovering craft have four motors and rotors. This unit from WLToys, V323, is a hexacopter -- it has six motors and six blades.

What are some of the differences between flying a quad copter and a hexacopter? The heavier hexacopter has more stability than a like-sized quad. This makes it easy to fly and a good choice for beginners in the hobby. Compared to a like-sized quad, this hexacopter will fly slower (and steadier). With six motors, the hexacopter is exceptionally strong and can carry a heavy payload. There is safety in having six motors as well -- if you lose one rotor, you have five others to fly your copter to a safe landing spot.

This unit has a great feature that new hobbyists will especially appreciate. CF mode allows the copter to return to base in case of loss of orientation. One problem drone flyers often face is temporary loss of orientation -- it's easy to lose the front of the RC copter during flight. This hexacopter has a special feature that allows the controller to bring the unit back simply by pulling the direction toggle on the RC transmitter.

UDI 818A HD Camera Drone Features Galore

Posted on 23 April 2016 in UDI
This is a great entry level camera quad drone for new users and experienced flyers alike. This unit from popular drone manufacturer UDI comes packed with features that everyone will love. More