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Super Fun and Cool Hands-Free Drone

Posted on 7 August 2019 in Quadcopters

This is a fun gadget toy for kids and adults! The Scoot is a remote-control-free quadcopter drone that you control with your hands! Just turn it on, toss it up, and use your hands or body to gently guide your drone to go left, right, forwards, backwards, up, or down! With no direction, the Scoot drone hovers in place. It's easy to fly and fun to watch!

The Scoot Hands Free Mini Drone is a cool toy for anyone interested in flying a drone without dealing with the intricacies of learning how to fly with a remote control. A Scoot drone is an affordable and fun toy vehicle almost anyone can fly with ease.

The Scoot is shown here in red. It is also availalbe in blue, gold, or silver. This affordable and easy drone makes such a great gift idea and multiple colors means you can purchase Scoots for multiple family members or friends and they won't fight over them or get them mixed up!

Fun Self-Flying LED Disco Ball

Posted on 7 November 2018
This funny flying drone uses a pair of rotors to move up and down. The self-flying toy doesn't use a remote control; a sensor on the bottom of the ball detects objects below it in order... More