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Tiny Quad: Top Race Micro Quadcopter TR-MQ1

Posted on 7 April 2015 in Quadcopters

Are you looking for a mini copter? This model TR-MQ1 from Top Race claims to be the world's smallest quad copter on the market. It's just 1.5 inches wide!

What can you do with a micro quad like this? Everything you can with a regular sized copter. Full movement including forwards / backwards, ascending / descending, rotating, and hovering. With practice, tumbling can also be performed!

Charge time is a fast 9 minutes for the battery. Flight time averages 5 or 6 minutes per full charge. You'll get a set of spare replacement blades in case of mishaps during flight.

This is a super fun entry-level quad at an affordable price. With the small size, stabilization practice will be required. For its size, this is a durable little drone that's ready for some fast action!

Build Your Own Quadcopter Drone

Posted on 10 October 2018 in Quadcopters
This fun kit is like two toys in one. First, you'll build your very own drone using the laser-cut wood and included motor, rotors, and other drone elements. Then, you'll have your very own drone to... More