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UDI 818A HD Camera Drone Features Galore

Posted on 23 April 2016 in UDI

This is a great entry level camera quad drone for new users and experienced flyers alike. This unit from popular drone manufacturer UDI comes packed with features that everyone will love.

Pick up this affordable and highly rated quad to add to your collection or to get started in the hobby. The drone comes packed with features.

HEADLESS MODE: Don't worry about the drone's position as you fly. The front of the drone adjusts to your instructions and minimizes the learning curve for beginners and frustrations for everyone else.

RETURN HOME FEATURE: One-button homing ensures you'll get your drone back even if you get into flying trouble.

HD CAMERA: The on-board 2MP camera can take up to a 4GB micro SD card (included!) for maximum storage of high resolution videos and photos.

6 AXIS STABILITY: Extra stability means new flyers will have less of a learning curve and experienced hobbyists can perform stunts with the greatest of ease.

OTHER GREAT FEATURES INCLUDED: 4 extra prop blades, SD card reader, 2 batteries, bonus power pack, and more!

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