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UDI RC U27 Stunt Flying Drone

Posted on 12 March 2016 in UDI

This quadcopter from UDI has a lot of fun features that make performing flying stunts easy. This is a stable feature-packed vehicle ready to fly out of the box.

Learn flying tricks with this great quadcopter. The U27 can do 180 flips with ease. Sustained upside-down flying is also possible with this great affordable unit! The drone also has headless mode and intelligent orientation which helps beginners get started without a huge learning curve. On-board LED lights help with orientation and enable night-time flying.

The U27 quadcopter comes with a remote control unit, drone battery, USB battery charger, four spare propeller blades, and instruction manual.

Crash Packs for Popular Drones

Posted on 28 January 2017 in Drone Accessories
If you've got a remote control drone, you're going to crash it. It's a fact of life for even the most experienced pilots. Consumer grade drone quadcopters often come packaged with extra props, guards, spare batteries,... More