2019 Drones & Quads Best-Sellers

The top-selling items from this webshop from 2019 were mostly accesssories for hobby drone pilots. Replacement parts, extra batteries, and battery chargers are always top sellers for us. Here is our top list for 2019.

1 Replacement Blades for Hubsan H501c

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This four-pack of replacement blades for the popular Hubsan quadcopter drone was our top best-seller item for 2019.

2 Hard Shell Travel Case for Holy Stone HS700

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This compact carrying case for the Holy Stone HS700 or HS700D FPV series drones was a big seller. Keep your investment safe with this hermitshell case.

3 Parrot Mini Drone Replacement Blades

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This set of 16 replacement blades in four different colors was another top seller. This is an affordable add-on for an initial drone purchase. This set is compatible with several models of Parrot mini quadcopters.

4 SanDisk Ultra 128GB Micro SD

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Keeping your memories safe is important. A top-ranked micro SD card from SanDisk similar to this one was a popular purchase for those who own drones with on-board miniSD storage capability.

5 1000mah Lithium Battery for UDI Drones

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A twin pack of batteries like this spare pack suitable for a variety of UDI drone models was another popular item on our website last year.

6 Extra Batteries & Charger for Holy Stone

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Drone pilots looking for extra fly time with their Holy Stone HS120D looked to this extra battery 2-pack with USB charger.

7 Holy Stone HS720 Folding Drone

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Our final top selling item from 2019 is this awesome new Holy Stone drone packed with features like auto follow, on-board camera, GPS return to home, and long battery life. On top of all of this, the drone is foldable so transport is compact and easy.

2020 Drones & Quads Best-Sellers

2020 was a strange year. When gathering with friends and family was out, new hobbies came in, including the flying of hobby drones. New pilots took up the hobby while experienced drone enthusiasts upped their game with new accessories and improved skills. Here are the top sellers for us in 2020.

Backpacks & Gear Bags for DJI Drones

Keep your investment safe and sound with a padded backpack or gear bag made specifically for DJI Phantom quadcopters. Your pro DJI drone will travel without incident when you've got a bag made for safe travel and storage. Check out this selection of cases made just for DJI drones.