2020 Drones & Quads Best-Sellers

2020 was a strange year. When gathering with friends and family was out, new hobbies came in, including the flying of hobby drones. New pilots took up the hobby while experienced drone enthusiasts upped their game with new accessories and improved skills. Here are the top sellers for us in 2020.

1 RUKO F11 Pro Drone with 4K UHD Camera

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This high quality camera drone was our best selling professional unit last year. The highly rated quadcopter has a lot of awesome features like Headless Mode and Auto Return. Extended flight time is a huge bonus. 

2 SIMREX X11 HD Camera Quadcopter Drone

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Another top-selling drone, this easy to fly model from SIMREX has features like Follow Me, Altitude Lock, and Headless Mode for easy flight and simple return.

3 Hard Travel Case for Holy Stone HS700

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Keeping your investment safe and your small pieces all together is always a good idea. Hard cases for drones are popular, and this model made for the HS700 was a top seller in 2020.

4 Spare Battery for RUKO U11 Quadcopter

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Along with the drone itself, this popular accompaniment, giving pilots extra fly time, was another top pick in 2020.

5 Two Pack LiPo Drone Battery Pack

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Increasing flight time by stocking up on extra batteries is always a good strategy. This two pack was among our best-sellers in 2020.

6 Gimbal Mount for Drone Action Camera

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Mounts for action cameras like GoPro are always a popular upgrade to a high end drone. This affordable mount was a top seller in 2020.

7 Adventure Camera Mount for Quadcopter Drone

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This is another top selling camera mount. These mounts are designed to fit different drones and accommodate GoPro and other brand action camera. Always check your specs before purchase.

2019 Drones & Quads Best-Sellers

The top-selling items from this webshop from 2019 were mostly accesssories for hobby drone pilots. Replacement parts, extra batteries, and battery chargers are always top sellers for us. Here is our top list for 2019.

Backpacks & Gear Bags for DJI Drones

Keep your investment safe and sound with a padded backpack or gear bag made specifically for DJI Phantom quadcopters. Your pro DJI drone will travel without incident when you've got a bag made for safe travel and storage. Check out this selection of cases made just for DJI drones.