Drone Entrepreneurship Business Idea Book

Drones for Dummies: Easy Starter Guide

The "Dummies" book series is known for its simple language and easy-to-understand directions and explanations. This book, Drones for Dummies, for budding drone flyers is no exception and makes a great gift idea for anyone who is interested in the hobby.

Book: Beginner's Guide to Buying & Flying Drones

This is a great book for anyone that's interested in getting into the fun hobby of drone flying. The full title of the book is "Quadcopters & Drones: A Beginner's Guide to Successfully Flying and Choosing the Right Drone."

Build Your Own Quadcopter DIY Book

Take your hobby to the next level with this amazing tutorial book that guides you through making your very own quadcopter drone. This is great for RC enthusiasts, budding engineers and electricians, and anyone that likes to tinker!

NEW for 2022: The Updated Drone Flying Guide For Beginners Book

This is a perfect gift to accompany a drone being given to a new pilot. The guidebook is updated for 2022 with new information regarding challenges and requirements for flying drones. Basics of drones are also covered, giving the reader a wealth of information on how flying quadcopters work,...