List: Awesome Drones Inspired by Star Wars Craft

Air Hogs made the first Star Wars themed drone: the Millennium Falcon drone. The licensed manufacturer of quality themed drones has more Star Wars drones for fans! Check them out, along with drones produced by other hobby craft manufacturers!

1 Two Drone Set: Death Star Versus X-Wing

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Fly for the Rebels with the X-Wing or control the Empire with the feared Death Star! This is an awesome two-vehicle set that's great for Star Wars fans to fly together! Fly these Air Hogs Star Wars drones in battle with your favorite Star Wars buddy.

2 Tie Advanced Fighter Quadcopter Drone from Propel

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This fun Star Wars drone is inspired by Darth Vader's advanced TIE Fighter. A true quad, this RC vehicle from Propel takes to the air like any other quadcopter -- with four props. The props are place on the bottom of the model vehicle.

3 Stormtrooper Speeder Bike RC Star Wars Drone

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This awesome Star Wars flying drone from Air Hogs is in the shape of a Speeder Bike -- and it comes complete with a Stormtrooper figure riding on top! This is a fun and stable vehicle that Star Wars fans will love! First introduced in 2016, this super fun drone has achieved collectible status -- so you're looking at playing collectible prices.

4 Star Wars X-Wing Quadcopter Drone

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This super fun flying machine comes in the shape of an X-Wing! From Propel Toys, this true Star Wars quadcopter takes flight with four props placed under the model starfighter.

5 Star Wars Advanced TIE Fighter RC Space Vehicle

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Fly for the Empire with this awesome Star Wars remote control vehicle in the shape of a TIE Fighter ship! Note that this remote control flying vehicle from Air Hogs is not a quadcopter style, instead achieving flight with a ducted fan propeller through the middle of the model vehicle.

Star Wars Quadcopter Drone by Propel

This cool drone quadcopter is designed to look like Darth Vader's TIE Fighter from Star Wars. Now you can fly your own Star Wars battle ship without having to go through all the trouble of joining the Empire.

U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek RC Drone

Drone fans who love Star Trek will go nuts for this cool remote control quadcopter in the shape of the iconic U.S.S. Enterprise!

New For Force Friday: Millennium Falcon Drone!

In case you haven't heard, today is Force Friday. Star Wars mania has taken over social media as hundreds of Star Wars themed products are making their worldwide debut today, in advance of Episode Seven: The Force Awakens being released later this year. One of the new Star Wars gadgets that was unveiled today is this awesome Millennium Falcon Quad Drone!