Pair of Sharper Image Racer Drones

Drone Laser Tag Play Set for Kids

This is a fun take on laser tag that incorporates flying drones that stay aloft and fly higher the more they are fired upon. The set comes with two single prop drones and two toy target shooter guns. The toy laser guns have onboard lights, action vibration, and exciting...

Interactive Drone With Glove Controller

This awesome hobby drone is controlled with a glove! Use hand motions to control the drone's flight direction and altitude and even perform tricks using your glove controller!

Lightweight & Tough Beginner Quadcopter: WLtoys V262

Quadcopter drone model V262 from WLtoys is a great entry-level drone. The lightweight unit is designed with extra protection for the blades and motors, making your inevitble beginner's crashes just little bumps in the road.

DWI Indoor/Outdoor Beginner Drone

This is a fun and afforable drone for kids or beginners that can fly safely both indoors and outside.