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Fun RC Drones with Stunt Figures

These fun flying vehicles for kids include stunt figure dolls that add an interesting element of stunt work and creative adventure with each flight. Check out these fun and easy to fly drones and their little stunt persons!

Fortnite Cloudstrike Glider Drone with Figure

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This is a fun drone for Fortnite fans. The awesome RC drone comes with a Skull Trooper (Purple Glow) figure; you can also fly this drone with your own 4” action figures. This drone kit also includes a remote control unit, charging cable, replacement rotors, and a stand for storage and display. The drone has features like 1-button take-off and landing.

Helmet Stunt Rider Quadcopter RC Drone

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This fun RC vehicle comes with a helmeted figure that can ride atop the stacked quadcopter like a standing snow mobile, but through the air! The mysterious figure can also ride below for an exciting stunt. It also has easy beginner features like headless mode and altitude hold.

Paraglider Hero Fun Stunt Quadcopter Drone

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This fun and easy to fly beginner drone comes with a hero action figure that can ride the drone below like a paraglider. Easy beginner features like one key take off and landing, demo mode, and headless mode, make this a great gift idea for anyone new to flying drones.

Super Fun 3-in-1 Indoor/Outdoor Air & Land RC Drone

Pocket-size Live Video Quadcopter Drone