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List: Awesome Drones Inspired by Star Wars Craft

Air Hogs made the first Star Wars themed drone: the Millennium Falcon drone. The licensed manufacturer of quality themed drones has more Star Wars drones for fans! Check them out, along with drones produced by other hobby craft manufacturers!

1 Two Drone Set: Death Star Versus X-Wing

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Fly for the Rebels with the X-Wing or control the Empire with the feared Death Star! This is an awesome two-vehicle set that's great for Star Wars fans to fly together! Fly these Air Hogs Star Wars drones in battle with your favorite Star Wars buddy.

2 Tie Advanced Fighter Quadcopter Drone from Propel

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This fun Star Wars drone is inspired by Darth Vader's advanced TIE Fighter. A true quad, this RC vehicle from Propel takes to the air like any other quadcopter -- with four props. The props are place on the bottom of the model vehicle.

3 Stormtrooper Speeder Bike RC Star Wars Drone

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This awesome Star Wars flying drone from Air Hogs is in the shape of a Speeder Bike -- and it comes complete with a Stormtrooper figure riding on top! This is a fun and stable vehicle that Star Wars fans will love! First introduced in 2016, this super fun drone has achieved collectible status -- so you're looking at playing collectible prices.

4 Star Wars X-Wing Quadcopter Drone

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This super fun flying machine comes in the shape of an X-Wing! From Propel Toys, this true Star Wars quadcopter takes flight with four props placed under the model starfighter.

5 Star Wars Advanced TIE Fighter RC Space Vehicle

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Fly for the Empire with this awesome Star Wars remote control vehicle in the shape of a TIE Fighter ship! Note that this remote control flying vehicle from Air Hogs is not a quadcopter style, instead achieving flight with a ducted fan propeller through the middle of the model vehicle.

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