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Welcome to Drones & We have collected hundreds of cool hobby drones, camera drones and quadcopters for the UAV / unmanned aerial vehicle hobby enthusiast. Drones have become so More... affordable that anyone can own a drone. Strap a camera to your quadcopter and make beautiful aerial photos and video. Great gifts here for the drone hobbyist.

2019 Drones & Quads Best-Sellers

Posted on 8 January 2020 in Top Lists

The top-selling items from this webshop from 2019 were mostly accesssories for hobby drone pilots. Replacement parts, extra batteries, and battery chargers are always top sellers for us. Here is our top list for 2019.

Precision Drill Bits for DIY Drilling

Posted on 11 December 2019 in Drone Accessories

Working on your own DIY quadcopter drone? You'll need the right tools to work with your lightweight materials. That includes a precision mini drill set like this one.

With this purchase you'll get 25 mini twist drill bits for use on drones, and other DIY projects like model making, jewelry work, and other hobbies. These drill bits work with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, rubber, and PVC. Use the included mini hand drill with ribbed handle to grip and turn the drill bits with precision.

Neat Helicopter Drone Hybrid RC Vehicle

Posted on 27 November 2019 in Syma

This is a neat quadcopter drone with a unique helicopter-like shape. The vehicle from SYMA is a fun and affordable quadcopter for newbies and experienced pilots alike.

This uniquely shaped drone comes with the features you'd expect from a SYMA drone. You'll get flight controls like a built-in gyro for stability and ability to steer up, down, left, right, and forwards and backwards. With its unique shape you'll always be able to tell which way your drone is facing, helping with flight control.

With this purchase, you'll receive the quadcopter drone, RC unit, landing pad and carry bag, charging cable, and more. Fly your drone for up to 7 minutes on each ~1 hour charge.

Hermit Shell Holy Stone HS700 Hard Travel Case

Posted on 13 November 2019 in Drone Cases

Keep your Holy Stone quadcopter drone safe in storage and during travel with this hard shell case from Hermit Shell. The case is designed to keep your HS700 or HS700D unit safe and snug.

This hard shell drone case measures about 17.8" by 17.8" by 6". The case can safely hold your drone along with accessories, like your remote control unit, battery packs and chargers, spare props, and more. The case comes with a padded shoulder strap.

Fireproof Lipo Battery Safe Bag

Posted on 30 October 2019 in Drone Batteries

Use this safe bag for charging, storing, and transporting your lipo batteries. This lipo-guard bag is fireproof to keep you safe in the case of malfuntioning lipo batteries or charging.

With this purchase you'll get two bags measuring about 185mm by 60mm by 75mm. The fireproof material bags can hold up to 4 3S 2200 mah batteries or 3 DJI Mavic Pro or 1 DJI Phantom.

The fireproof bag works by containing any potential fire and isolating your batteries and chargers from air, preventing fire from spreading. Keep your family and belongings safe with this fireproof lipo-guard bag.